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Head of health care to adults Department of medical care



At least five years of experience in leadership positions in the health care system

The skills that a candidate must have

- Responsibility, commitment, high performance, stressustoychivost

- Ability to lead the department, numbering between 6 people

- The level of English: Intermediate (desirable).

- Driving: It is desirable (category B).

- Possibility of business trips

Job description

1. Participate in the preparation of orders, instructions, regulations, laws and other legal acts, oragnizatsionno methodological documents relating to the competence.

2. Analyze and monitor the work of the chief specialist of medical care to adult population, the main Republican freelance professionals in the field of health care to adults.

3. Conduct activities to improve the quality of medical and diagnostic work in health care settings.

4. Develop standards of care, patient management protocols and to implement them in the practice of health care institutions.

5. To participate in the organization of the introduction of modern medical technologies in the practice of health care facilities within the competence.

6. Participate in an integrated and spot checks of health care institutions within the supervised areas and competencies.

7. To examine the complaints of citizens in accordance with the terms of reference.

8. Permanently increase the professional level.

9. Report the results of the assigned work and / or during the execution of the current project.

10. Notify supervisor of the identified during the performance of their duties shortcomings and make proposals for their elimination.

Essential knowledge, including special

1. Knowledge of legislation in the field of health, management of health care.

2.Certificates of professional development.

Required skills

1. Knowledge of PC at the user level.

Probationary period 2 months.

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